Agency: Y&R
Brand: Tomcsanyi Fashion
PR Agency: Mango Jam Studio, Dubai
Production Company: Y&R Budapest
Copywriter: Karolina Galácz
Head Of Art: Zoltán Visy
Art Director: Bálint Benkő
Planner: Dorottya Dinh
Head Of Production: Péter László
Account Executive: Osrolya Hegyi
Account Executive: Boglárka Ispán



Fast fashion is extremely popular in Europe
Face the fact with the customers: somebody else is also paying the price for their clothing.


We hear the voice of a little boy from India. He reads aloud a description of a pair of sneakers one usually finds in a fashion magazine or on a fashion blog. He finally reveals he made the item. The narrator then explains fast fashion exploits children and calls for the listener to support ethical fashion, such as Tomcsanyi.
Tomcsanyi is a Hungarian fashion brand that centers its communication around being ethical. They are sustainably sourced from within the country and have raised awareness against slavery and exploitation in the fast fashion industry for a number of years in a campaign platform they call "Fashion Revolution." This radio is part of the 2017 installment of that campaign.